Steps to Install SharePoint 2010 bootable VHD machine

Steps to install SharePoint 2010  VHD machine !
Pre-requisites :
- Windows seven installed on the host machine
- Windows server 2008 R2 installation media
- SQL server 2008 SP 1 with hotfixes
- SharePoint 2010 installation media
- Visual studio 2010
- Create VHD Disk using the Computer management->Disk management . set the disk size to fixed size and to 30GB.
- after creating the VHD disk using the disk management of the computer management tools , you have to initialize the disk.
- Just click click on the case where the disk name is Shown [the small case] and then select initialize. in the intialize screen select "Mbr boot" and then click ok.
- Now quick format the disk. "file system should be NTFS"
- Mount the VHD and select V: as drive letter
- Download the install-windowsImage.ps1 from  . right click on the ps file and then select properties and click unlock. this will allow you to execute the Powershell script.
- Open cmd with administrator privilege and the tape : powershell
- tape set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned   " this will allow you to execute unsigned ps script"
- go to the directory where you've download the script and then tape the following command : 
      .\Install-WindowsImage.ps1 -WIM [Drive]:\sources\install.wim
 >> [drive] should be replaced by the disk drive where you've mounted the Server 2k8 R2 media
- Now note the index number of the installation type you want to accomplish. >> 3 for the Full installation of Enterprise edition . do not type the []
- now type :
.\Install-WindowsImage.ps1 -WIM [Drive]:\sources\install.wim -Apply -Index [IndexNumber] -Destination V:

[IndexNumber] Should be replaced by the index number of the installation type you want to accomplish.

-  Wait 15 minute for the process to finish.
- Now open cmd again with administrative rights and type :

V:\Windows\System32\bcdboot V:\Windows

Now you can boot on your newly created VHD Machine .

- Next steps are :
  • Installation of SQL Server 2008 SP1
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Visual studio 2010


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