NetProcess , a new BPM tool for SharePoint

Designing workflows for SharePoint to automate business processes can be done using several tools.
- SharePoint designer : for sample business processes.
- Visual Studio : using visual studio we can implement the most complex workflows but we need very good development skills. The end user could not re-design the workflow but him self and needs the service provider assistance.
- Other licensed tools like K2 , Singularity , Bamboo and others : The cost of theses tools are very high and they are sometimes complex to learn and to customize.

NetSystem has developed a new BPM tool for SharePoint that allow end user to design his own business processes. This tool is called NetProcess. Using NetProcess you can design, save , deploy and track your workflows using simple clicks and wizards. NetProcess can also be extended using custom SharePoint workflow activities. This tool is delivered with a package of sample activities like "Send mail , Create Task --using infopath or ASP.NET forms-- , if else activity , while activity , web service ". NetProcess allow user to create and bind workflow variables that could be used in the process activities.
NetProcess is available in 2 versions : NetProcess for SharePoint 2007 and NetProcess for SharePoint 2010.
Prices are not yet communicated.
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